Psycho-social Support

Project of psychological & social support for women

    Yemen Media Guide for Development center started to implement this project in the period March 2014- March 2015, under the auspices of Family and Development Magazine, and support of Oil and Soap Company"Crystal soap" and Milk and Foods Company "Needfood", which belong to Hail Saeed and his partners Company.

The program aimed to support the women socially and psychologically through advising the victims of the domestic violence, and provided solutions to the domestic problems to women and teenager.The center depended on several ways to achieve its goals and purposes as follows

-        Support via calls, as the specialists received calls each Thursday evening for

three hours form 3-6 p.m.

-        Support by direct sessions individually, as there were three sessions a week,

Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, and continued for eight hours per day for two


-        Support via media including Family and Development Magazine and its

website, and  al-Daleel newpaper , which published by the center.

The beneficiaries of the project through different method are (1091), including:

  •  (212) received support via calls
  •  (256) received support through direct sessions individually.
  •  (623) received support via media outlets.


The psychological support in the productive health

Yemen Media Guide for Development center  launched this project in January  2014 , under the auspices of the Family and Development Magazine and support of Abdu

 Jaleel Radman Company for Manufacturing and Trading (Al-Osra Sugar), and Hail

Saeed and his partners Company. The project longed for a year .The program

provided consultations and health advices to women and mother regarding the

 productive health to prevent the increase of death and care of women who are

threaten by birth dangerous.


The center depended on several methods of support including:

-     Consultation  via calls,  as the advisers received calls each Thursday evening  for three hours

-     Consultation  through  the monthly  Family  and Development Magazine, as there was a main department to receive consultations.

-      Consultation  through  the website of the Magazine, as the website receives demand of consultations weekly via e-mails.

-    Consultations via al-Daleel newspaper ,which was published by the center and there was a special columns for the health

-    The beneficiaries of this project are(2221)via different methods.


Project of legal support for women

  • The center implemented this project during (1 March-31 May 2013) with cooperation of the Family and development Magazine and protection project, which belongs to Yemeni Women Union, Taiz. It helped the women by legal consultations and advices via some media outlets by volunteer legalists and activists.

The program included using of reconciliation to solve the problems of the women's inheritance.

The beneficiaries of the project during three months are (176), including (136) received the legal support via the Family and Development Magazine and its website, and (40) received support through direct sessions .The project enabled (13) women of their inheritance and legal alimony and helping others by reconciliation.