About Us

Yemen Media Guide for development Center
It was established on 16 January 2013
Strategic Goal:
To make the society able to dealing with the requirements and goals of development
Our view:
Preparing Yemeni society to establish the democratic values, the human rights, and the good nationality and to centrifuge violence, to spread the spirit of toleration and peace, and to set up peace.
Our message:
Set up the awareness and abilities and to supporting in rights, freedoms, health, honesty, social peace, implementation of Yemeni law, development of the strategic performance for Yemeni media, researching and investing the level of the services by the local authorities and helping in its improvement.
Idea of establishment:
Yemen Media Guide for development was established as response to the society's urgent needs and as a result of deep experience which the founders, men and women, have acquired of working in the media field and the NGOs, and the idea of the goals specified during the participation of the founder who is the head of the center by a working paper (media and its role in the permanent development) within the congress of the permanent development for Taiz province, which was organized by alsaeed Sciences and Culture Foundation form 16-18 December 2012.
The Social Fund for development and Taiz university supported this congress, as the researchers agreed about the importance of the role of media in development to pass many of the development's obstacles and achievement of stability and peace.
Center Units :

  1. Ability Building
  2. Awareness Rasing
  3. Rights and Freedoms , Support and Assistance
  4. Studies , Investigations and Opinion Measurement
  5. Psycho-social Support
  6. Woman & Child Unit