General goals of the YMG:

  • Holding projects and social initiatives aim to help people in the rural and urban areas.
  • Holding workshops, seminars, doing the programs and media campaigns via newspapers televisions and radio, publishing activities and courses of awareness and guidance to reinforce the social partnership by rights, freedoms, democracy, populations and environment. Supporting the role of media, as a main and important partner to take root the principles of rights and freedoms and spread the culture of democracy, human rights honesty, building the peace and working on the development of the workers abilities in that fields.
  • Building the abilities of individuals, and local administrations in different sides, aiming to achieve the permanent development.
  • Watching people's reaction and doing field studies, researches, investigative social, activity and economic reports, and following the shapes of the local partnership and evaluating the rate of satisfaction upon residents and forming a reaction that encourage responsible sides to provide residents with social services.
  • The legal, medical, humanitarian and relieve supporting and provide with support to people who suffer from psychological trauma, and free health advices to women, children and marginalized people and finding general reaction supporting them to get their rights.
  • Cooperation with the organizations and foundations in supporting youths and encouraging their talents and helping them to face the life.